Mumbai Indians’ new captain Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma leave in IPL 2024

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The big news and big news of the moment before IPL 2024 is that Mumbai Indians have removed Rohit Sharma from the captaincy and Mumbai Indians have made a new captain for IPL 2024 Hardik Pandya means that Rohit Sharma who made Mumbai Indians a five-time champion in IPL, now that Rohit Sharma as a player will be seen playing only for Mumbai Indians from now on Some time ago an official press release has come from Mumbai Indians in which they have announced that we are making Hardik Pandya the captain and now Rohit Sharma will not be our captain, yes we would definitely like Rohit Sharma to help Hardik in the future.

He can do whatever he can help, in 13, Rohit won in 15 or won in 17, won in 19 and won in 20 and now Rohit Sharma has been told by Mumbai Indians, please you leave, now you are not our captain, now our captain is Hardik Pandya!

The Hardik Pandya whom we did not make the captain 3 years ago, the Hardik Pandya who went to Gujarat Titans, made the first season champion, took the second season to the finals and now he will be seen captaining Mumbai Indians in 24 this year, which is a big shock for Rohit Sharma for his fans.

Because I never thought that Rohit Sharma would have to play under the captaincy of Hardik Pandya in Mumbai Indians but this franchise will be the captain of Mumbai Indians under Hardik Pandya Hardik Pandya and now if Rohit performs then he will be in the playing 11, if Rohit does not perform then he can also be out of the playing 11.

Because the captain is not excluded, a player is dropped and now Rohit Sharma will be in a team only and only an age A player, Mumbai Indians, I believe that Rohit should have left Mumbai Indians earlier, he could have captained any other team, but do not know what happened, how this whole process happened, how it worked, but there is definitely a bad news for Rohit Sharma.

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